Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bargain Madras

Just had to share...In my quest to find more cute madras stuff to add to Tickled Pink and Green's growing Target list,I stumbled upon these AWESOME pillows from a site called TextileShop.Com. The best news is that they are such a bargain! A 27 x 27 floor pillow is only 9.99 and a 17 x 17 inch toss pillow is only $3.49!!! Here's the link. Hope there are some left after I made my HUGE purchase.

I'm In Love...

It's no secret that I have a fondness for madras. Everything from my ironing board cover to my key chain reflect my passion. So, needless to say, I was thrilled to get an email from the folks at Cape Madras letting me know about their absolutely ADORABLE madras collections. This is the REAL stuff, y'all...madras straight from Madras, India. Everything they have is quintessentially preppy and oh so cute!!! I must admit I have fallen "head over heals" in love with their Linen Collection. While they are still developing the linen line, I can tell from the "gotta have" madras chair and "too fun" ottoman, that I am a goner. Check out the linen collection here click on Linen Home. It's just fun to surf around the Cape Madras site -- the photo gallery is full of great pics that make you wish you were strolling the Cape right now.

I'm off to get my "madras fix" right now at Target. Tickled Pink and Green has posted about all the great preppy finds at Target right now. Can't wait to fill up my cart!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Official


Well, I did it. I just clicked "submit" and I'm now officially registered to run in my first marathon. I've run the Houston half-marathon twice (2007 & '08)and flirted on and off with the idea of doing a full marathon but could always find many reasons why it wasn't a good idea. Well, I've decided 2009 will be the time and Walt Disney World will be the place. I can think of no better place to trot those 26.2 miles than through the "Happiest Place on Earth. I've convinced myself that the atmosphere and sheer magic of that place will make give me the extra "oomph" I'll need to complete a marathon. So on January 11th, I hope to lace up my running shoes, sprinkle on a little pixie dust and enjoy a "leisurely 26.2 mile stroll" through my favorite place on earth.

One place that I've found some excellent running inspiration as well as some wonderful insights into life is Kristen Armstong's (Lance's ex-wife) blog Mile Markers. Kristen has such a way with words and an incredible view of life. Reading her blog is a shear joy and her posts always leave me with some nugget of wisdom or insight that changes the way I look at life.

Any other preppy runners out there care to join me...I'll spring for the madras running shorts :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Big Green Purse & A Cute Pink Bike

Happy Belated Earth Day, everyone!!! (it was actually yesterday, April 22) Life at the Madras house is becoming a bit more "eco-friendly" every day. We're trying to make some strides (albeit, baby steps) to living more "green." Last week, I purchased "The Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World," by Diane MacEachern. It's full of eye-opening facts and user-friendly ideas. Diane also has a website Big Green Purse that shares a wealth of information on how we can make a positive difference in our environment by using our spending power.

One of the areas where I've decided to make a change is my mode of transportation. While I will still be piling the kids in the Odyssey most of the time, the Madras family will also be traveling .by bike a lot more. This weekend, Mr. Madras gave my 15+ year-old Schwinn a much-needed tune-up and a little TLC in preparation for its daily use. I plan on riding it to my tennis matches. Our courts are embarrassingly close to most of our ., yet the parking lot overflows with our SUVs. In addition, that quick trip for milk & bread will now be made on my bike. Luckily, the store is nearby and besides having to cross a fairly busy intersection, it's an easy ride. I've decided that if I stick to this plan for a couple of months<., I'll invest in this cute pink Raleigh cruiser and add a few fun accessories like the adorable green bike basket by Swedish designer Marie-Louise Gustafsson . I figured I might as well make a statement in style...

I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Finish What You Start

Well, I know...long time no post...I'd love to say we've been at DisneyWorld for the last month, but we've actually been home since March 23rd. I can't quite explain why I haven't posted. I've certainly thought of many ideas to write about...but, like so many things in my life...I just never seemed to get around to it. I'd read all my favorite blogs and think how interesting and witty they were and how nothing I had to say was that creative and cute. I seem to have this habit of starting many projects (like this blog) and going "gung-ho" for a while and then just leaving the project half-done. I even do it with books. Tonight, Big Sis asked if we could please finish decorating her room. (A project I enthusiastically started two months ago.) I believe her actual words were "Mom, can you just finish one thing before you start something else?!" Oops, what can I say to that? She's right, and I've decided that I've got to "lead by example." By the end of May my "completion goals" are:

  • Finish decorating Big Sis' room

  • Finish "Jane Austen in Scarsdale" A fun, preppy read I found in the bargain book section at Barnes & Noble. I'm more than halfway through the book, and I haven't picked it up in weeks. Instead, I started reading "The Big Green Purse" in hopes of beginning to live a little more earth friendly.

  • Post on my blog at least 4 times a week. (even if I think it's not as good as everyone else's)

I'll keep you posted on my progress...Tomorrow is Earth Day so I hope/plan to post some fun facts from "The Big Green Purse."