Monday, September 28, 2009

A Perfect Match

I was thrilled to see two of my favorite brands teaming up for what is sure to be a "slam dunk." Lilly Pulitzer and LeSportsac have joined forces and collaborated on an absolutely adorable collection of bags due out this spring. I've loved LeSportsac bags ever since high school when I saved up my babysitting money to buy a "must-have" wine colored purse. I'm still delighted when I stumble across a cute LeSportsac bag as I'm meandering through Marshall's or TJ Maxx. Trust me, I won't be waiting for these fresh and bright Lilly LeSportsacs to hit the racks of Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I'm sure I'll be paying full price so I can carry one of these cute bags asap. I'm starting to save my pennies now.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Preppy Pennies

Long time no blog. What can I say??? Life just seemed to get in the way…between juggling the lives of the Madras family; managing this whole house remodel project; and maintaining some sense of order and normalcy while we live in our little two bedroom apartment while the house is under construction. It’s been a wild and crazy ride. One of the more positive things to come out of all of this is that I’ve learned how to stretch our dollars and all while not really having to compromise the Madras family lifestyle. I’ve had so much fun uncovering great preppy bargains and discovering ways to do and get a lot for less that I just had to share. So, I am announcing the birth of my alter ego, Penny Prep. Penny Prep is where I’ll blog about the latest bargains and ideas we’ve discovered at the Madras house. Who doesn’t need to save a few pennies in today’s economy? As we began making all of the choices that go into remodeling a home, I quickly realized I didn’t want to have to sacrifice a Lilly shift for my kitchen sink fixture. I challenged myself – could I be frugal and wear Vineyard Vines at the same time? Is it hypocritical to carry clipped coupons in a Tory Burch tote? I’ve decided you can be a fun-loving, penny-pinching prep. Click on over to see how Penny Prep tries to accomplish just that.