Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Garnet Hill Bargains

Just wanted to pass along a great bargain find...I just ordered these two adorable Lilly suits from Growing Up With Garnet Hill-Kids' Clothing and Accessories for Bonus Baby at $19 each. They actually had several kids' Lilly items on sale as well as a bunch of other goodies. Just so happened, I came across a coupon code for $10 off a purchase of $50 or $20 off $100. I couldn't just buy the two suits and not use the coupon -- so to get to my $50 total I also purchased this cute button pillow for $9 and fun scooter skirt for $9. The code is G6KMENT. Go check out the clearance section on the Garnet Hill site, you'll find some real bargains.

Friday, May 23, 2008

May Is The New December

I'm officially declaring that this time of year is crazier & busier than the holidays. Between all of the end of year programs, celebrations, assemblies, tournaments, concerts, I truly am about to lose it -- hence the lack of posts. Somehow it seems that anything I find remotely fun like reading a book, surfing the web, playing some tennis or simply a good night's sleep all fall by the wayside once May arrives.

This weekend I'll be making 140 luggage tags for Big Brother's Fifth Grade Appreciation Celebration. Then it's working on clever gifts for the myriad of teachers, office staff, nurses, counselors, administrators, crossing guards, etc. who make school such a great place for my kids. I'll also be fitting in a soccer tournament, band concert, choir performance, preschool end of year party, Big Sis' braces removal, and I'm sure some other stuff I have forgotten and will undoubtedly remember the night before...

Good luck to all of you who are in this same boat. Let's hope it just stays afloat and reaches a safe harbor very soon.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nostalgic Notions

Tonight at dinner I found myself taking a trip down Memory Lane with my kids as I recalled some of my favorite tv shows and my celebrity crushes. Here's a bit of what I reminisced about...

  • Watching Pinky Tuscadero & Fonzie on "Happy Days." Fonzie really loved Pinky and I so hoped they would get married.

  • Crying like a baby when Jenny died with Greg at her bedside on All My Children

  • Hoping that Jamie Somers, the Bionic Woman, would remember how much she loved Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, and they would be a couple.

  • Listening to my Shaun Cassidy album over & over.
  • Quickly finishing my homework so I could watch Willie Aames on "Eight is Enough"; Lance Kerwin on James at 15 (and after he lost his virginity the show became James at 16); Shaun Cassidy on the Hardy Boys; and Jimmy McNichol (Kristy's brother) on some show that I cannot remember the name of. I also remember watching a tv movie of the week with Jimmy McNichol where he was a hockey player and became a figure skater and his girlfreind was his partner. At the end of the movie, he died in a plane crash and I cried for days.
  • Wearing my oh-so stylish Starsky & Hutch socks and wishing I was old enough to marry David Soul.

Those were the days, my friend...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Few Quirks

I have to admit I'm not the best at this "tagging" thing. I would always be the one to break the chain in a chain letter. Not that I had anything against chain letters or tagging, I just tend to forget, procrastinate, etc. until it seems too late to do it. I am going to try and make the effort. The Preppy Engineer recently tagged me with Six Quirky Things Meme. Mr. Madras would claim that I have a lot more than six quirks, but here are a few...

  1. I love pretzels -- all kinds -- soft or crunchy. My latest faves are pretzel chips. They're these flat cracker-like pretzels with an awesome crunch. They have a variety of flavors and I can buy a HUGE bag at Costco. I crunch and munch the whole day long.
  2. I am a "pronunciation snob." I cannot stand it when people misuse words or, worse yet, "mis-say" them. You know, like "supposebly" instead of "supposedly." Some that really get me are "Barnes & Nobles" and "Krogers" -- there is no "S" people. You don't say J. Crews or Targets. It's "Barnes & Noble" and "Kroger"!
  3. I am a huge fan of the San Antonio Spurs NBA team. I can hold my own in any conversation about the NBA and particularly the Spurs. Eva Longoria Parker's husband, Tony Parker, is their starting point guard and one awesome player.
  4. I have to chew Orbit peppermint gum and wear Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine when I play tennis. I'm convinced the aromatherapy and peppermint help me focus.
  5. I have to wear socks all the time whenever I'm in a hotel. Whether it's a Motel 6 or The Greenbrier, I've got to have my socks on.
  6. I'm addicted to joining those book clubs like Doubleday, Literary Guild, etc. I keep joining, cancelling, rejoining, etc. Something about those ads "Get 8 books for $2" seems like such a bargain and I cannot stay away.

Just a few of my quirks...What are yours?
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